Monday, May 14, 2012

Apple iPhone 5: Release Date,Specs, Rumors, Features, Pricing, News 2012

iPhone 5 release date is one of the hot topics in the cyber world today. It's the next-gen iPhone-iPhone 5 release date delayed and the iPhone 4S instore, find up to date on info on all the Specs, Rumors, Features, Pricing, News and much more available here...
According to reviews& rumors-- April 19, 2012 It'll be released in October due to supply issues There have been many guesses about when the device will come out, but based on research, Piper Jaffray, an investment banking firm, says that the iPhone is likely due out in October. This is because the company speculated to be making the iPhone's LTE 28-nanometer chip, Qualcomm, is having supply shortages and is struggling to keep up with demand. April 18, 2012 It'll be made of liquid, Liquidmetal that is The rumor that Apple is ditching the iPhone's glass has surfaced again. This time from a Korean new site, ETnews, which reported that the iPhone 5 may be made out of Liquidmetal. In late 2010, Apple acquired a license for Liquidmetal, but has only used it for the iPhone's SIM ejector tool. wholesale accessories,iphone accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories

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