Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The IPhone 5 – The Likely And The Unlikely

There are different rumours circulating on the internet claiming to have the inside scoop on the Cupertino firm’s next generation smartphone the iPhone 5. However, a lot of these rumors tend to be more fiction than fact. Let’s try to determine which rumors are more likely and less likely. There is one rumor flying around claiming Apple’s new iOS-powered smartphone will sport a retina display over four inches. This is something a lot of Apple fans have been waiting for. Is this likely or unlikely? According to reports, the upcoming handset will come with a display not bigger than four inches. Why is this more likely to happen? It all boils down to apps. Developers will have a tremendously difficult time redesigning apps for a handset sporting a touch screen over four inches. So it’s likely the phone will sport a screen not bigger than four inches. It’s also possible the handset will sport the same 3.5 inch retina display just like its predecessor the 4S. Another rumor claims that the new handset will sport a teardrop design or something radically different from the norm. Although there’s no way to know for certain, it’s possible that Apple will stick to a similar design. It’s likely the Cupertino firm will make a few tweaks to the design of the 4S. This makes the upcoming phone a more familiar product that its fans have grown accustomed to. However, sources say that the company is still undecided on the iPhone 5′s final design. So, we might just see something different. Some say that the new handset will be slightly slimmer compared to the 4S. This is likely to be true since there are reports that say the new phone will sport a smaller dock connector. This will allow the Cupertino firm to create more room for hardware. This will also allow Apple to make the iPhone 5 slimmer. It is also said to save on power. However, there is a drawback. A smaller dock connector means that accessories used on older models will no longer be compatible with the new phone. This means that you would have to purchase new accessories. Finally, we’re not so sure Apple will name their new smartphone the ‘iPhone 5′. Judging from the way they named the successor of the iPad 2 (the ‘new iPad’), it’s possible the Cupertino will do the same with their new flagship. It’s likely the company will name their next phone the ‘new iPhone’ or something similar. We’ll just have to wait until Apple officially launches the iPhone 5 to find out for sure. For more iPhone 5 White UK deals and iPhone 5 offers, visit us at wholesale accessories,iphone accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories

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