Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Latest Rumor: iPhone 5 To Feature Unbreakable Screen

There's a new rumor circulating again surrounding the upcoming iPhone 5 as having to feature a bendable and flexible screen display. Translation: An unbreakable iPhone 5 screen! According to a new report, Apple is allegedly testing a flexible OLED display for the next-gen iPhone. An OLED display boasts the capability to bend a phone from a middle or from around the edge and it won't break, hence unbreakable. It is also rumored that the flexible OLED technology will come from Samsung that allegedly have already received a huge order of the flexible OLED display from certain tech companies, and Apple is rumored as being one of those company. Other interesting rumors that surrounds the upcoming iPhone 5 is the use of a liquidmetal technology, a Long-Term Evolution (LTE) connectivity, a 5-inch screen display, a smaller dock connector, a more thinner body, and the use of a black back metal plate. All these buzz that seems to change every day may or may not come true and all these rumors may not even see the light of day. Nevertheless, all these talks makes it even more exciting and interesting for all of us because we really don't know what to expect and what comes next of Apple's tech agenda. Anyways, one thing is always certain, and that is, Apple fans and all of Apple's patrons around the world can't get enough of every new reports and every new talks surrounding the features and specs of the next version of the iPhone. wholesale accessories,iphone accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories

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