Monday, July 16, 2012

Galaxy S3 helps Samsung trump Apple

The wildly popular Galaxy S3 has given Samsung the edge it needed to dominate Apple in the smartphone market. The two smartphone makers have battled it out over the last year, going head-to-head to see which one will inevitably sell the most handsets. Samsung typically comes out on top, and its 2012 flagship Android smartphone was no exception. In fact, as CNET points out, the Galaxy S3 propelled Samsung to an even greater lead last quarter. Reports suggest that Samsung has sold some 50 million smartphones in its second quarter alone. That would mean it not only trumped Apple's 30.5 million iPhones sold, but that it did so by quite a significant margin. Samsung's Galaxy S3 has been all the rage since it hit the market. As soon as the Android-based smartphone made its big debut, mobile junkies everywhere have been rejoicing. We've seen glowing reviews of this thing all over the place. We also had a ton of fun with it over here, even if we did have a few hangups (we really had a tough time getting over the crummy plastic casing). This is great news for Samsung, but let's not forget that Apple's iPhone 5 launch is just around the corner — slated for an August 7 release date, according to inside sources. We're expecting the sixth-generation iPhone to have a bigger 4-inch retina display, a two-tone back panel and an NFC chip, among other specs that could make Galaxy S3 buyers regret their latest purchase. While we're waiting to see what Apple actually rolls out with its S3 rival, head over to our Facebook page and let us know what you think. Are you a Galaxy S3 owner, or are you holding out for the iPhone 5? 。 sex toy,sex gadget,adult toy

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