Tuesday, July 17, 2012

iPhone 5 rumors: Release date and its “anti” Galaxy S3 features

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a thin smartphone, but Apple reportedly launching a thinner one, the iPhone 5. New rumor suggests that Apple will utilize in-cell touch technology that will make the iPhone 5 thinner than other smartphones. Another day, another round of iPhone 5 rumors. Following the crazy iPhone 5 release date in August rumor, Wall Street Journal introduces a new one claiming that the next Apple smartphone will use a new display technology that will make the next iPhone thinner overall by reducing the thickness of the touchscreen display. According to the business-centric news paper, Apple’s iPhone 5 display is currently being manufactured Apple’s display partners in Asia, Sharp, LG and Japan Display, and these companies are now mass producing displays ahead of the rumored September to October release date of the new iPhone. The new display will reportedly take advantage of in-cell display technology, the method wich puts the touch sensitive sensors within the LCD ditching the touch-screen layer. Without the additional layer, the display will be thinner. The report goes on to claim that the quality of displayed images on the iPhone 5 would improve. The new rumor arrived online amid reports that Samsung is selling more phones than Apple thanks to its thin, new Android-based smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S3. According to the phone’s specs sheet, the Galaxy S3 sports 9mm thickness or 0.35 in inches. Can the iPhone 5 beat its thickness? Apart from the in-cell display technology, rumors also add that the iPhone 5 will include LTE or Long Term Evolution technology. If true, then the iPhone 5 will need a bigger battery just because Apple wants to maintain its 7 to 8 hours talk time battery life marketing. For starters, LTE or Long Term Evolution is one of the top features of Android-based devices including the US-based Samsung Galaxy S3. With the faster network, phones tend to drain battery faster. If Apple’s iPhone 5 will use in-cell display and save more space, then it would be safe to assume that Apple will use the extra new space for the battery alone. 。 wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories,ipod accessories

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