Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 to see red in crimson case

Red alert! The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the hottest phone around, and will soon be available in a blazing hot scarlet case to match. If you can't picture the blood-red blower, check out our painstakingly-created and no doubt highly accurate fancy Photoshop mock-up above to see what the crimson quad-core calling kit will look like. This little red Corvette of a phone will be available to customers of US network AT&T around the end of this month. It's currently available in Marble White -- which is just plain white really -- and Pebble Blue, which is sort of shimmery. The scarlet smart phone could potentially be the first of many new hues for the smash hit S3. I've contacted Samsung to find out if we'll be seeing red in this country, and the word on the street suggests that we'll be getting new colours in due course. The Samsung Galaxy S2 only comes in black or white, but other Galaxy phones and tablets come in different colours, such as the pink Samsung Galaxy Note. Perhaps we'll see new livery for the S3 at IFA, the annual gadgetstravaganza taking place at the end of August, where we're also expecting to see a new Note 2. The S3 is predicted to sell 19 million phones or more by the end of the year. That's a smash in anyone's terms, beating even the excellent HTC One X. But the real phone fight kicks off later in the year when the new iPhone 5 arrives. Can Apple's reign of the smart phone world last? Will it pull something out of the bag to stay on top, or could new colours help the S3 mount a serious challenge? 。 sex toy,sex gadget,adult toy

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