Monday, July 16, 2012

iPhone 5 Release Date, Features WIll Crush Samsung Galaxy S3, Experts Say

The iPhone 5 release date has been rumored and speculated, but Apple has remained mum on confirming dates. However, experts agree that when the iPhone does release, its features will crush Android competitors, including the leading Samsung Galaxy S3. "With the highly anticipated release of the iPhone 5, Samsung will definitely need an even better successor," Examiner reports. Galaxy S3 sports many ground-breaking features including an eye tracker. This element allows the smartphone to detect if the user is actively viewing the screen before turning off. Galaxy S3 also has The S Voice, a voice commander that can access the weather, appointments, and playing music through the sound of the users voice. The iPhone 5, on the other hand is expected to be enhanced, improved, and revolutionary in every aspect from the outside design to it's new software system. The iPhone 5 release date anticipates Apple smartphones with 4G LTE capabilities. According to Tavis Mccourt, an analyst at Raymond James, with this iPhone 5 advancement, Sprint and Verizon may sell more iPhone 5s and reach the 70% market share similar to the AT&T smartphone dispensation. As reported by Barron's, Mccourt anticipates that LTE Androids "will take a severe hit to demand when an LTE-based iPhone is announced." The current iPhone display is only 3.5 inches, while the iPhone 5 is expected to be 4 inches with a front facing camera. The phone itself will have a thinner, sleek, and more durable design. The iPhone 5 release date will also deliver the IOS 6 mobile operating system. Apple reports that the software will deliver about 200 new features including a new Map app with 3D and turn by turn navigation and advancements in web browsing on Safari. IOS 6 will take your Apple products "in entirely new directions," the website promises. Samsung Galaxy S3 first made it's debut in the UK and since then has been taking the smartphone world by storm. Since there is no direct competition in the market right now, the Korean tech company is expecting to ship 10 million more handsets this month due to high demand. 。 wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories

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