Tuesday, July 24, 2012

iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S3 pre-release demand

We wanted to share with you some recent statistics that we received from the latest ChangeWave Research survey, which polled a select number of consumers in North America on what smartphone they were likely to purchase between the new Samsung Galaxy S3 and the unannounced, but surely inevitable iPhone 5. Although still not on level terms of iPhone demand, a chart provided by ChangeWave shows that there has been increased demand for Samsung phones year on year. The Galaxy S3 is obviously a key factor in the surge that you see under the 19% stat for March 2012, while we’re also willing to bet that interest in the impressiveGalaxy Note played a part in the increased statistics before it too.
In a direct comparison with the iPhone 5 though, further studies by ChangeWave concluded that there is 2% of a polled 4,042 consumers who are ‘very likely’ to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S3 as their next device, and 7% of consumers who are ‘somewhat likely’ to pick up the Galaxy S3. Compared to the iPhone 5 though, the same polled consumers resulted in 14% ‘very likely’ to buy and 17% ‘somewhat likely’ to buy.
For an unreleased product, that just goes to show what kind of power Apple has over their competitors at the moment, even by staying completely silent for a year whilst letting rumors do the talking. As an Android owner though – does it encourage you that more and more users are now starting to believe that Samsung can one day overtake the iPhone as the number one smartphone in the world? Apple are still winning this battle for the time being though, based on this survey. If you are planning to get the iPhone 5, or have already bought the Galaxy S3, let us know your thoughts on this. 。 wholesale accessories,iphone accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories


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