Monday, July 23, 2012


rumors of the start of iPhone production were cruelly dashed by new rumors that it hadn’t: Apple is only testing phones, not building them. Also, could mini-SIMs mean the death of the Liquidmetal SIM extractor? Say it isn’t so. Informed speculation explores Apple’s battery challenges for iPhone 5. And Verizon hints with vague references that are interpreted as a not-very-surprising Q4 launch for the Next iPhone. Apple news site Boy Genius Report cited anonymous sources in reporting that the company was set to entering its “engineering verification test,” and was set to be released by late September or early October. The report said that the “engineering verification test (EVT)” would soon be giving way to a “design verification test (DVT)” phase in the run-up to the handset’s eventual release to retailers. Additionally, the report claimed that Apple would be adding both LTE wireless broadband and near field communication (NFC) connectivity to the handset as well as 1GB or RAM. The report is the latest in a steady stream of leaked reports and images on the next version of Apple’s flagship smartphone line. Multiple reports from manufacturers and industry sources have pegged a September/October window for the unveiling and launch of the next iPhone. Reports have suggested that in addition to the LTE and NFC connectivity, the so-called iPhone 5 will sport a new case design. The handset is said to feature a larger screen as well as a metallic-alloy casing. Other reports claim that Apple has adopted a new display format which will allow for a thinner screen and help the company to deliver a thinner profile for the handset. 。 wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories

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