Friday, July 20, 2012

iPhone 5 / iPad Mini Hybrid to Wipe out Smaller Tab and Padphone Markets in a Single Blow?

We first made the suggestion that the iPad Mini and the iPhone 5 may in fact be one and the same a few weeks ago now, though as the summer moves on it seems that more and more are beginning to count out the notion of a dual-Apple release datealtogether. There is of course absolutely zero doubting the fact that Apple must and will launch a new Smartphone this year – the device we’ve already come to know as the iPhone 5. Given the fact that the iPhone 4S was less than revolutionary, does not offer 4G LTE connectivity and will soon have been on the market for a year, the chances of Apple not delivering a new Smartphone are pretty much zero. Meanwhile, there has been just as much chatter over the course of the year of a possible iPad Mini release date lined up for the early fall, which would mean that both devices would essentially arrive side by side. Legend has it that the iPad Mini will sport a screen larger than the iPhone though considerably smaller than the standard iPad, bringing together the best of all worlds for an affordable price. So, given the fact that we’re expecting to see an iPad with a smaller screen, an iPhone with a larger screen and two enormously significant devices sharing the same release date, would it not make perfect sense that the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini could in fact be the same device? Samsung’s Galaxy Note currently stands largely unchallenged in the tablet/phone hybrid market, with the Galaxy Note 2 expected to launch toward the end of the summer. Apple has a history of entering a market in its own sweet time and immediately wiping the floor with any and all contenders, making it entirely possible that Apple plans to obliterate the smaller tablet and hybridmarket places in one fell swoop. This would also explain why the only response to direct iPad Mini/iPhone 5 questions we’ve been offered so far from Mr. Tim Cook himself is a sly smile and a snigger. 。 sex toy,sex gadget,adult toy

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