Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs. iPad Mini: Apple to Release Tablet to Prevent Samsung Skyrocketing Sales?

Apple is speculated to release a 7-inch iPad Mini to battle head on with Samsung's much awaited device, Galaxy Note 2, in the coming months. Who would need a "phablet" when you can have the best tablet in the market? t Apple is rumored to be working on a smaller tablet - iPad Mini, which is expected to be released later this year. Apart from the iPad Mini, rumors suggest that Apple will also release the new iPhone 5, which promises to close the gap between rivals Apple and Samsung created by the latter's Samsung Galaxy S3. According to iMore, consumers will have a glimpse of the device on a media event set on September 12 and Apple will star selling the devices on September 21. Reports say that the screens will feature indium gallium zinc oxide panel technology. This seems possible since Apple included Sharp in its line of suppliers for screen panels. Currently, 60 to 70 percent of screen panels are supplied by Samsung, with the rest shared by LG Display and Sharp. However, as Apple's Chinese components manufacturer Foxconn Electronics has recently made investments in Sharp, Sharp is expected to see its proportion rise to 50 percent for the upgraded iPad. One of the problems of iPad is its battery life that quickly runs out due to the user of various apps. Thus, the news of improved battery life is good for iPad users. Nevertheless, if there is truth to this rumor, the new iPad would probably be released along with the new iPhone in the fall. Moreover, it is enough to ripple through the component supply chain and stir up the many tablet PC OEMs and vendors trying to emulate Apple's success with me-too products of their own design. But before the iPad Mini and the iPhone 5 event by the end of the current quarter, Samsung will try to wow us again with a new product, and sources has confirmed that Samsung will again launch a new smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is rumored to have a gigantic screen and features that will surpass the current Samsung Galaxy S3. In the recent report of research and analysis firm IDC, Samsung sold a total of 50.2 million units and reached a new quarterly smartphone shipment record in a single quarter that widen the gap between Apple and Samsung. What remains to be seen is how the company's smartphones will fare against Apple's next-generation iPhone expected later this year. "Samsung employs a 'shotgun' strategy wherein many models are created that cover a wide range of market segments. Apple, in contrast, offers a small number of high-profile models. While both companies have expanded their geographic presence in pursuit of market share, the two companies will inevitably come into greater conflict as both try to generate additional gains," said Kevin Restivo, senior research analyst with IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker. Apple is slowly bringing out its big guns due to the threats imposed by Samsung devices that gradually gaining popularity as well as Google's new tablet and new mobile operating software. We just have to see how Apple will be able to climb on the top of the ladder in the tech market. 。 wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories,ipad accessories

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