Monday, July 23, 2012

iPhone 5 release date sparks lower iPhone 4S sales

As the launch of Apple’s next smartphone approaches, a decline in sales of the iPhone 4S has been noted.
The Cupertino company is releasing its earnings report on Tuesday and market watchers expect to hear that the iPhone 4S was less successful on the market than it did in the previous quarter. This is explained by the fact that customers are getting ready to upgrade to the new iPhone 5, rumored to be release this fall. A recent survey made by ChangeWave has shown that the iPhone 5 is more popular than the previous model. 14% of those who were questioned in the poll say that there is a good chance that the next iPhone will be their future smartphone, 17% say that they are somewhat likely to purchase the device, 59% are unlikely to get an iPhone and 9% haven’t decided yet. In addition, a French website,, claims that Apple has offered accessory makers in China details about a September 21st launch date. 。 wholesale accessories,iphone accessories,ipad accessories,ipad accessories

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