Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New iPhone 5 / Next iPhone: Summary Of Possible New Features And Specs

The new iPhone 5 / next iPhone is hitting it big in the news again. The next-gen iPhone will, undoubtedly, create some new buzz and stir amongst the tech community and the mobile phone industry until it finally launch, supposedly sometime in September or October of this year. Today, the technology section of the Wall Street Journal publishes an article about the next iPhone having a thinner screen with the use of in-cell technology and OLED screen display. Of course, that's news....question it truly considered a "new" news for the upcoming new iPhone version to possibly have those aforementioned features? A leading technology and gadgets news site had previously reported last month about the very possible new features and specs of the next iPhone. In that report, that site mentioned something about the possible use of In-Cell Technology, and the possible body measurements of the next iPhone, which is actually thinner than the current iPhone version. In May of this year, that site also reported the possible use of the OLED screen technology for the next iPhone. You may want to read the super spicy and very interesting article reports of that site pertaining those subjects here and here and here. Bottom line is, most people, especially avid iPhone fans, as well as the whole mobile phone industry, are all excited to know what new features and specs Apple is going to come up with on the next iPhone. That said, I'll share with you and let you know of some real "fresh news" in my particular topic niche, including the next iPhone, whenever I can, promise. Please feel free to share my articles to all your family and friends who likes to keep abreast with the world's ever-changing technology and gadgetry stuff. Take care, everyone! 。 wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories,ipad accessories

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