Monday, July 23, 2012

iPhone 5 release date: New information about the features of iPhone 5 arrive

For Apple fans, the launch of the iPhone 5proves to be very exciting. Although, iPhonelovers are increasingly losing patience over theiPhone 5 release date rumors. It will probably not be long now until we get concrete information about the iPhone 5, and if the actual presentation will be 07 August 2012. There are many indications of a release of the iPhone 5 that day. Other analysts assume that Apple will stick to a publication date in the fall of 2012. Earlier reports suggest Apple is currently at the stage of "Engineering Verification Test", abbreviated EVT. This test is now in the third phase. Following the EVT, Apple traditionally follows with the "Design Verification Test" (DVT). If these tests are completed successfully, production can start. There have also been reports that mass production has already been started. Will the iPhone 5 have a nano-SIM chip? The reports that the iPhone 5 will possess the much smaller nano-SIM card, appear to be accurate. They require much less space because they consist only of the metal of the chip, and the associated support material. This would in addition imply that the new smartphone from Apple, will be significantly thinner than its predecessor. The nano-SIM card with dimensions of 12.3 x 8.8 x 0.67 mm is much smaller than the previously used micro-SIM card. The order of millions of nano-SIM cards indicated by European mobile operators suggest that this technology will be applied to the new iPhone 5. These mobile operators want to take no chances in the shortage of supply in relation to the SIM cards. What about the NFC chip? Some time ago there was talk that the iPhone 5 will be equipped with an NFC chip. These rumors seem to progress further, and it is now considered almost certain that this technology is on board with the new Apple smartphone. The NFC chip allows the transmission of data over short distances between two NFC-enabled devices. In this way, cashless payment via the mobile device is possible. The competition has the NFC technology already, Apple has passed it up thus far. It is assumed that the iPhone will follow suit here now, and be equipped in any case with the NFC chip. By doing this, the payment service Google Wallet, is directly targeted by Apple. The new iPhone 5 will appear with the Passbook technology, accordingly. This is integrated into the new operating system iOS 6. Is the LTE technology available? After it was reported a few weeks ago about delays from the manufacturers of LTE chips, this is attributed to the fact that Apple has ordered large quantities. Surely this will come with the iPhone 5, in order for a transfer speed of 4 GB to be possible. It is believed to use an LTE chip that can transmit not only data but also FaceTime, and thus the LTE technology would be possible. Due to the increased requirements in terms of data speed and graphics memory it would probably be increased by 1 GB. Many new jobs for the production of the iPhone 5 The latest release from Chinese blog MICGadget says the gates of the production of the new iPhone 5 in China are packed, specifically in Zhengzhou, the workers are lining up to do some work for Foxconn. However, there are only small quantities being built and then mass production to begin after. Supposedly, only five copies are produced of the iPhone 5 in its final form there on a night shift. To stay updated with the latest iPhone 5 release date news, be sure to subscribe. 。 sex toy,sex gadget,adult toy

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