Monday, July 16, 2012

iPhone 4S vs. iPhone 5: To Buy or Not to Buy iPhone 5?

Apple's iPhone has been one of the top selling Apple devices in the world. The latest iPhone model which is iPhone 4S is one of the top-selling smartphones in the world. Recently, there are numerous reports stating that Apple is slated to release a new iPhone model which is iPhone 5. The upcoming release of iPhone 5 makes iPhone 4S users question as to whether or not they should get iPhone 5 and abandon their iPhone 4S. Before answering this question, it would be best to compare the technical specifications and features of both iPhone models. iPhone 4S Many users were rather surprised when iPhone 4S was released in the market since there were strong rumors regarding a possible release of iPhone 5. Despite the initial disappointment, many people were still eager to purchase this new smartphone from Apple. In terms of physical design, iPhone 4S is similar with iPhone 4 and it is available in 2 colors: black and white. It has a height of 4.5 inches, width of 2.31 inches, depth of 0.37 inch, and Weight of 4.9 ounces. It has a capacity size of 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB and utilizes iOS5 (upgraded to iOS 6) as its OS. iPhone 4S has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (4.0) capability. The camera in this Apple device have improved considerably having 8MP with autofocus, LED flash, face detection and other features which makes taking pictures easier and better if compared to other models. Aside from these improvements, the inclusion of "Siri" was also a major selling point for iPhone 4S because it has the ability to act as the user's personal assistant through voice commands. iPhone 4S is already out in the Australian market and it has a selling price of AU$799 (16GB), AU$899 (32GB), and AU$99 (64GB). iPhone 5 Apple has not yet officially released the specifications and features of iPhone 5. Despite that, there are already countless rumors about the possible design and features of iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 is said to be much taller as compared to iPhone 4S due to the rumored taller screen for iPhone 5. The iPhone 4S is around 115.2mm tall and the iPhone 5 is said to be around 120mm tall. In terms of thinness, the iPhone 5 will be much thinner with 7.99mm as compared to iPhone 4S which is around 9.3mm. The width for iPhone 5 still remains the same with iPhone 4S (58.6mm). Instead of the usual 3.5-inch display, the iPhone 5 will reportedly have a 4-inch OLED display. The OLED display would enable iPhone 5 to have a clearer and sharper display. In order to support the additional features of iPhone 5, there are rumors that it will utilize a Quad-Core Processor A5x or A6 processor. The iPhone 5 will also be utilizing the latest iOS from Apple which is iOS 6. Apple's iPhone 5 will also reportedly support NFC (Near Field Communication) which would support mobile payments, LTE Connectivity, iWallet, 3D Photography, and multi-player gaming. The rumored release date for iPhone 5 is set to be around October, 2012. Selling price has not yet been disclosed. The Verdict Most of the news regarding iPhone 5 are still rumors and Apple has yet to disclose if these rumors are true or not. Based on the supposed "leak" information regarding iPhone 5, it will be a much improved version of iPhone 4S plus utilizing the latest OS would also mean that it will have more improved features. Considering these factors, it would still be best to still utilize iPhone 4S as it is still a solid and reliable Apple device. Once iPhone 5 has been officially released in the market, that is the time to make a logical decision as to whether or not to purchase iPhone 5 or to stick with iPhone 4S. 。 wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories

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