Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs iPad Mini?

Two rumors, two tablets (but one can call and send messages), Apple reportedly launching iPad Mini in September, while Samsung will start selling the Galaxy Note 2 next month. Phone? Tablet? Nevertheless, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the iPad Mini will vie inside the world of tablet computers this quarter according to a slew of new rumors. According to iMore, as confirmed by credible Apple news source All Things D, Apple will start selling the iPad Mini in September, exactly on September 21st according to iMore and consumers will get a glimpse of it on September 12. Citing unnamed sources who requested anonymity but “proven accurate in the past,” iMore posted this morning that Apple will hold an event on the 12th of September, and it will announce the next iPhone and the smaller iPad. Analysts and tech sites and other IT experts call the smaller iPad the “iPad Mini,” but it is plausible that Apple will use a different name. iPad 7 maybe? Apart from the iPad Mini, the new rumor also suggests that Apple will also announce a new iPod Touch, and will also formally announce the iOS 6 and possibly release it before the release date of new devices. But before the iPad Mini and the iPhone 5 event by the end of the current quarter, Samsung will try to wow us again with a new product, and sources has confirmed that Samsung will again launch a new smartphone, theSamsung Galaxy Note 2. For starters, the Galaxy Note line features a larger display and supports capacitive stylus pen — that’s why Samsung Group is calling it the “Note” right? Anyway, the new device will reportedly include a larger 5.5-inch display, around 0.2-inch bigger than the older version. It will also include a new processor, new design and new camera sensors. The question now is, can Samsung sell more Galaxy Notes amid all these new smaller tablet computers? For instance, Google’s new Nexus 7 is possibly the most popular Android tablet computer to date based on numbers floating online whilst quoting sold out stores including Google’s own Play Store. Smaller tablets like the Nexus 7 or possibly the iPad Mini, are arguably shrinking the market share territory of larger smartphones like the Galaxy Note or the unannounced Galaxy Note 2. Last year’s Galaxy Note has proven that 5 incher smartphones have their own market. According to Samsung, it has sold 7 million Galaxy Notes worldwide, smaller than the Galaxy S3 and its 10 million sales record in less than 60 days, but still respectable. 。 wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories,ipod accessories

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