Monday, July 30, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 rumors include 5.5 inch display: release date mystery

It is going to be bigger and better. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 rumors include 5.5 inch display, though its release date still remains a mystery Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or next generation Samsugn phablet is going to be bigger and better. At a time when smartphones are coming with almost the phablet size, we shouldn’t be surprised by reports that Galaxy Note 2 will be bigger than the one in circulation with 5.3 inch size. The next version of Galaxy Note will come with at least 5.5 inch display and many improved features compared to existing ones. Meanwhile reports confirm that Samsung’s Galaxy Note will be released as early as October. So should we expect a showdown between Apple’s much publicised and anticipated iPhone 5 that is also expected to be released in October? But, to be true, I don’t anticipated any competition between an iPhone with around 3.5 or 4 inch screen and a mammoth Galaxy Note with 5.5 inch display. Both belong to different genres and neither Note 2 will affect iPhone 5 sales or iPhone will affect Galaxy Note sales. But still, the competition will be between iPhone 5 and a Samsung Phone. Galaxy S3 is going to pose stiff challenge against Apple’s next generation phone as it has everything that Apple may come up with in its next gen smartphone. But there are many who suggest that phablet will pose a threat against iPhone 5. A report says, “Such a head-on battle would definitely make a lot of sense for Samsung, given that the first Galaxy Note was different enough from the rest of the Android pack to actually draw in customers that aren’t huge Android OS fans, such as non-hardcore iPhone fans. But a more obvious question also arises: are the officials from Samsung bold enough to enroll in such a full head-on battle with Apple?” But even if Galaxy Note is not competing against iPhone or similar other smartphones, the Note 2 will come with many unmatched features. It is already selling like hotcake and with tremendous improvements in the next generation phablet, many people will think twice before going for smaller smartphones with higher price and similar or even lower specs. The Note 2 is expected to come with a quad-core processor, an unbreakable plane display (UBP is a precursor to flexible displays) of more than 5.3 inches in diagonal, a bigger battery and a sturdier build. Another attraction in the 5.5 inch smartphone/ phablet with be Ice Cream Sandwich. 。 wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories,ipod accessories

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