Tuesday, July 3, 2012

7.85 inch iPad Mini, iPhone 5 details hazy: release date in Sept

7.85 inch iPad Mini rumors seem to have some truth now. Meanwhile both iPhone 5 and iPad mini release date is expected in September Apple seems to be preparing to launch a smaller tablet, being dubbed as iPad Mini. Given the fact that Google’s recently demoed Google Nexus 7 tab has caught people’s eye with great features, Apple may be enticed to take a plunge and enter a market that was thought unworthy of Apple’s attention. The rumors about Apple’s iPad mini are at least as old as new iPad or iPad 3. There are signs that competition for Apple is going to intensify in 10 inch tablet market with Microsoft’s Surface tablets. Surface Pro is expected to be miles ahead of existing versions of iPad and would work like a complete PC. This perceived pressure of both –the launch of Nexus 7 and Microsoft tablets –seems to have prompted Apple to finally take a final step in this direction. Latest reports indicate that new smaller tablet will come in 7.85 inch display. An Apple Insider report suggests that it will be launched later this year with the launch of Apple’s next generation iPhone 5. Earlier a report in Digitimes had suggested that Apple will introduce the smaller version of the tablet in August. The blog had predicted several Apple products very accurately and so we cannot dismiss it like rumors emanating from other discredited sources. To be true, speculations about a smaller iPad tablet were started not by Digitimes, but Wall street Journal. Some months ago the Wall Street Journal had hinted that Apple was testing a smaller version of the iPad this year to reclaim its market share from the hugely popular Kindle Fire. So far, iPad is the number one tablet being sold in the market with a wide margin above all others. Kindle Fire, within months of its launch, has become the number two tablet in the market, overtaking older tablets of other manufacturers. Besides iPad Mini rumors, report suggest that Apple is preparing to introduce the next generation iPhone 5 as early as September or October. A 9to5 Mac report suggests that the next-generation iPhone will run an application processor identified as S5L8950X. While talking of graphics side it says that the chip will be supplied by Imagination Technologies which is currently being referred to as SGX543RC. Another report suggests that the new iPhone will come with NFC technology that will help make it a high tech wallet as well. During its recently concluding World Wide Developers Conference, Apple talked of a new app called Passbook digital wallet app. This confirms earlier rumors of Apple integrating next iPhone with NFC technology. With this app your boarding passes, movie tickets, retail coupons, loyalty cards, and more are now all in one place. This would improve the functioning of your smartphone substantially and will almost make your life paper-free. 。 wholesale accessories,iphone accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories

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