Wednesday, July 4, 2012

7.85″ iPad mini to be released alongside the iPhone 5

Apple’s iPad has reigned king of the tablets for the past 2 years in terms of sales. Steve Jobs has always been against making a 7″ tablet but Apple might really be onto the 7″ tablet size now. The budget-friendly Nexus 7 tablet made by Asus might be starting to budge into Apple’s dominance in the tablet market. Rumour has it that it will be released in October along with the iPhone 5 but I would reserve my doubt about this date since manufacturing on Apple’s demand scale is beyond difficult to handle. For the iPad mini to be a direct competitor to the Nexus 7, it will probably also keep a low price point ranging from $200-$300. If the iPad mini also supports 3G/4G wireless connectivity, it could dominate even the small tablet market. What do you think? Will the competition of the Nexus 7 really make Apple’s long-rumoured 7″ or 7.85″ feasible to create? 。 sex toy,sex gadget,adult toy

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