Thursday, July 5, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 Being Planned to beat Samsung Galaxy S3? Apple Plans It All

Apple iPhone 5 has yet to have an official release date yet the internet is already filled with rumors about it. Recently, a new rumor surfaced according to which Apple iPhone 5 might focus on software features to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S3. Even though nothing is set in stone till now, but the Apple iPhone 5 will most probably release in the coming few months, placing it in direct competition with the already hit Samsung Galaxy S3. It is an obvious fact that Apple will definitely equip the iPhone 5 to take Samsung Galaxy S3 head on but the current rumors suggest that Apple will also try to beat up the competition through software updates. Some of the most common rumors about the iPhone 5 tech specs include a 4-inch display, a taller form-factor, a dual-core A5 chipset with support for 4G LTE connectivity, iOS 6, a shrunken dock connector and near-field communication capabilities (NFC). According to a report by Strategy Analytics last month, buyers in North America and the United Kingdom prefer 4 to 4.5-inch displays on their smartphones so the iPhone 5 would just make the list. However, it might get threatened by the alternatives with a larger screen. The most probable dual-core processor which the iPhone 5 will feature, also has the same processing power as in the North American Galaxy S3’s chipset. iOS 6 is rumored to have an upgraded iTunes application which will now be able to sell all the apps and digital media (includes movies and T.V serials) that are available on the platform. If the rumor of Apple developing a “wallet” app (iWallet) is true, then it might also be a selling point for the iPhone 5. The rumored app will be able to store all your gift cards, coupons and tickets and might also be able to use your credit card directly from the app itself. NFC is also one of the key features needed for the “iWallet” app and will also help iPhone 5 to outdo its competitors. 。 wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories

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