Sunday, July 15, 2012

Areas Where The iPhone 5 Will Outshine The Samsung Galaxy S3

There have been two major smartphone launches in 2012 that the public have been looking forward to. Samsung struck first by releasing their new Galaxy S3 device in may but we are still waiting for the release of the eagerly anticipated iPhone 5. This delay for Apple however has enabled them to see what the S3 has to offer and improve on it. Samsung have worked hard to ensure the the new S3 can compete against the new iPhone 5 when it is released. One area where Samsung have improved dramatically is with their new Smart Voice software. This voice recognition service is their attempt to compete with the superb Siri service that was introduced on the iPhone 4S. Smart Voice accurately performs a variety of tasks on the phone but unfortunately it lacks the depth and personality that Siri offers. To make matters worse for Samsung it looks as though the new iPhone 5 will feature a much improved version of Siri, further pushing Apple ahead of their rivals in this area. A number of improvements are set to make it onto this model including the ability to launch applications and also to answer a number of movie and sport related questions. in addition to this Apple are letting app developers use Siri for the first time meaning we should see new apps released that can take full advantage of this service. There is no question that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a great looking phone but changes that the manufacturers have made to the design actually make it stand out less against rival models. Whereas the Galaxy S2 featured a very angular and sharp design Samsung have implemented more curves on this new handset. The model looks good but also very similar to a host of other phone sporting a similar look. An area that Apple are renowned for is their design an we are sure that the new iPhone 5 will look unlike any other model on the market. The fact that Apple also use high quality materials should also compare well against the plastic body of the S3. Rumours suggest that the new iPhone will offer a metallic chassis although some reports are suggesting a new ceramic shell. Other reports include a new teardrop shape and a curved glass display. Regardless of the final outcome we are sure that the iPhone 5will quickly establish itself as the most desirable phone in terms of design. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a great phone with some super features but there is certainly an opportunity for Apple to improve on this device with the forthcoming iPhone 5. We expect the phone to not only offer a better design but also a far superior voice recognition service and equal performance speeds. wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories,ipad accessories

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