Wednesday, July 4, 2012

iPhone 5, iPad Mini Shares October Release Date Plus Specs Details

Apple is on the move with news swirling about a possible shared release date for both its iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. Reports from Bloomberg suggest that the iPad Mini will be announced in October, which may fall in line with the iPhone 5 launch rumors. The report also indicated that the iPad mini will have a 7 to 8 inch IGZO display with 330 pixels/inch. Earlier reports from Apple insider suggests that the new tablet will be ultra thin and lightweight while offering a bright high contrast display without draining too much battery power. The latest tablet is priced between $249-$299 depending on the model offering more storage space. The size would be nearly half of the current iPad but can support HD resolutions of 1024x768. The construction of the tablet will also be unique as it integrates sensors into the LCD rather than layering it like past models. The upcoming release date leaves little time for competitors to scoop up sales before Apple hits stores with its next-gen Smartphone and new smaller tablet. Consumers would gain both competitive pricing and high standard offerings if Apple does enter the smaller tablet market with its iPad. The iPhone 5 is also expected to make a major splash in the Smartphone market alongside the iPad mini. With attention currently transfixed on Samsung's Galaxy S3, Apple will look to steer attention back on its iPhone with a rumored larger 4 inch IPS touchscreen with retina display that can support 1136x640 HD resolution, according to 9to5 Mac. The device runs on Apple's latest mobile OS, iOS 6 that will utilize its new 3D map navigation service and enhanced Siri feature. iPhone 5's camera will have improved optics, run on a quad-core processor, and possibly integrate its patented "iWallet" through Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. One new change involves its pin dock connector. The updates will include using a 19 pin mini connector rather than 30. Apple has shown no rush to move its products out the gate despite the success of Samsung overtaking a large portion of the Smartphone market share. Once dominated by Apple, the market is now shared by both Apple and Samsung, accounting for 90% of global profits according to ABI research. Apple shipped nearly 35 million smartphones in the last quarter while its competitor Samsung shipped over 43 million. The two companies have been heading the smartphone market for quite a while now and we can foresee more competitions in the future. 。 wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories,ipad accessories

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