Monday, July 9, 2012

iPhone 5 release date, Amazon’s phone DOA says expert, and Google’s Nexus strategy

Some experts suggest that Kindle Phone is a “bad idea,” and Apple’s bigger problem is Google and its Nexus program. Plus, one report suggests that Apple is now focusing on iPhone 5 at the expense of Macs. Smartphones will outsell the laptops and PC business before 2016 according to research firms. In short, it is a very lucrative market. Google and Apple lead the race with Google’s Android operating system and Apple’s locked iOS mobile platform — but Amazon wants its own slice. Meanwhile, one report revealed that Apple is focusing on the iPhone 5 citing drop in revenue of Apple’s PC display partners last month. And also, Google’s Galaxy Nexus is the only device with no “fragmentation” says one report, but what if Google releases five Nexus devices this year, can the strategy work against the iPhone 5? Amazon Kindle Phone not an iPhone 5 or Android killer? Amazon’s Kindle Phone, if true, is one the verge of failing, according to Daily Finance’s Evan Niu who is also a shareholder of Amazon. Rumor has it that Amazon is building an Android smartphone, and similar to its Kindle Fire strategy, Amazon will undercut popular smartphones and will reportedly slap a tempting price tag. Well, according to Niu, tablet and smartphone markets are different because Amazon can’t fully undercut high-end Android devices or the iPhone 5, whilst it is easier to undercut the iPad and its hefty price tag of $500. He also believes that the iPhone and other mobile devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3 are inexpensive enough to lure customers thanks to carrier subsidy. For example, the iPhone 4s with 16GB storage is $199.99 only on contract with Verizon, Sprint or AT&T, while the Samsung Galaxy S3 with the same 16GB storage also sports the same tag price and now available in United States via the four major wireless players. So where does the Kindle Phone fit? $99 or $49.99? Who wants an Android smartphone with no Google Play Store and a possible platform that will not allow ROMs and other advanced tweaks?It is worth noting that high-end Android devices also fall under $99 like some of Verizon’s Droid Phones, AT&T’s LG and Samsung offerings and Sprint’s older Evo devices. Also, Apple and its prepaid partners offer the cheaper 8GB iPhone 4 already. Nexus is the only device with pure Google experience and lacks the word fragmentation. Can the “Nexus program” beat the iPhone 5? Lifehacker said that Google’s Galaxy Nexus (made by Samsung) is the only smartphone right now that does not include the word “fragmentation” amid rumors that Samsung will not update the Galaxy S3 to Jelly Bean this quarter. Citing the phone’s pure Android mobile operating system, the site thinks that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the phone to get if a customer is frustrated by slow operating system updates. The only downside of getting a Nexus phone according to them is the lack of choice — but what if Google will allow 5 mobile devices to run the pure Android Jelly Bean this year? Can the strategy beat the iPhone 5? According to a rumor posted online by Wall Street Journal last quarter, Google’s Nexus program for this year is composed of at least five devices (both tablets and smartphones) from Google’s partners. In short, two or three or even five Nexus phones might arrive this year, all running Android Jelly Bean, and all have the pure Android operating system, and last but not the least, all are getting the latest version at the earliest possible time. Can the multiple Nexus strategy, if true, end the fragmentation problem whilst vying with the iPhone 5? See the Galaxy Nexus running Jelly Bean in the video from Pocket Now below. Apparently, the OS will be the same exact OS of the rumored five Jelly Bean Nexus phones for this fiscal year. 。 wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories

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