Thursday, July 12, 2012

iPhone 5 release date: Verizon and Sprint LTE to sell more “Apple” than Android?

If the iPhone 5 will support Long Term Evolution, one analyst predicts that Sprint and Verizon will sell more iPhones whilst Android phones sales to suffer. Last quarter, Motorola’s Droid RAZR MAXX was the most popular smartphone of Verizon reportedly due to its larger battery, LTE, and support from Verizon Wireless. Can Google’s Android vie with Apple’s? If the iPhone 5 will support Long Term Evolution, according to Tavis Mccourt, analyst at Raymond James, Verizon and Sprint will sell more iPhone 5s citing the carriers’ successful 4G Android campaigns (Evo and Droid brands) and will possibly reach the 70 per cent market share similar to AT&T’s smartphone distribution. As reported by Barron’s, Mccourt is predicting that Android phones with Long Term Evolution “will take a severe hit to demand when an LTE-based iPhone is announced.” Verizon is, arguably, leading the LTE race with more markets covered including the upcoming Toledo, Ohio Verizon LTE launch and others. Also, Sprint also started offering LTE today and new reports have confirm that its Kansas LTE network is now available. Meanwhile according to AT&T, it will launch more LTE network in addition to its 47 LTE cities covering “over 260 million people.” Last week, Sprint’s Steve Elfman said that the network is ready for the iPhone 5, whether it supports LTE or not, and the company is set to offer unlimited LTE or data plans to lure customers. Sprint is currently offering the iPhone 4S with unlimited data plan. LTE iPhone 5 vs LTE Android Can the iPhone 5 with LTE outsell the Android lineup which offers more forms, designs and other options? It is worth noting that Android is leading the smartphone operating system market share worldwide, and in United States, Verizon reportedly sold more Droid RAZR Maxx Android phones than iPhone 4S last quarter mainly due to the phone’s larger display, LTE or Long Term Evolution support and Verizon’s successful “longer battery life” campaign. If the iPhone 5, according to rumors, is supporting Long Term Evolution and boasting a larger display, experts suggest that Apple will generate more revenue than its Android counterparts, but Apple’s only problem is carrier subsidy. Last quarter, Apple’s share price has seen a decline in value when analysts started issuing notes about the possible impact of carrier subsidies, or the 2-year contract agreement, on the next iPhone called by many as “the iPhone 5.” Some analysts took the other side of the road with posts claiming that Apple will benefit from carrier subsidies if LTE is in tow. Carriers also offer the same 2-year contract deals for its Android devices. The newest is the cheap $99.99 high-end Motorola Atrix HD Android phone which features a “Retina” or HD display too, and also supports Long Term Evolution. If the iPhone 5 will suffer from carrier subsidy side-effects, then the Android lineup is in tow too. Not so fast, Android’s Jelly Bean a contender If you believe the rumor mill, Google will reportedly support more Nexus phones this year and all phones coming from its mobile phone-making partners will reportedly join the lucrative US smartphone market before the month of November. Android Jelly Bean is the latest version of Google Android, so it is safe to assume that the rumored three to five Nexus phones will all run stock Jelly Bean, and with some supporting LTE networks. Jelly Bean includes a slew of new features ranging from Siri-like Google Now platform (see the video below), new Google Search, new Mapping Technology, new “buttery smooth” user interface, new camera application and others. Google also said that it will focus on expanding its content for Google Play, the company’s “App Store” which now features movies, music, TV shows, books and more. With the Nexus 7 tablet computer, Google said the expansion to more countries will follow while adding different content in the next few months. Apparently, Google is already selling unlocked phones in its Google Play Store, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ model sporting the attractive tag price of $349.00, and no contract required, and its Nexus 7 tablet computer is the newest product to join the virtual store boasting a $199.99 price tag. The biggest problem of the next iPhone will be the cheaper Android LTE phones, and based on the new Atrix phone, it looks like the “undercutting” has started ahead of the rumored October release date of the iPhone 5. 。 wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories

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