Sunday, July 1, 2012

iPhone 5 release date vs. Samsung Galaxy S3: New poll says iPhone preferred

As the Samsung Galaxy S3 prepares to ship in the United States, and the iPhone 5 release date remains unknown, a lot of talk has gone into which phone is preferred, and which will have more sales. A recent poll may shed light on what's to come for both smartphones. Seventy-percent of the poll participants preferred will probably be purchasing the 6th generation Apple smartphone over the already confirmed Android competition. It looks like the iPhone 5 release date is making waves already, and the device isn't even confirmed yet. Good job Apple. Though iPhone lovers will surely be pleased with the poll outcome, Android fans are likely unhappy about the news. Especially since there is so much talk of Apple stonewalling the competition, and consistently buying up vague patents in an effort to prevent other companies from coming out with leading-edge designs. Either way, the technology giant has long been favored in the gadget world, and since there doesn't seem to be a line around the building for any other smartphone release, Apple will likely remain on top for a while to come. To be fair, the poll did not single out the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the iPhone 5 directly, but it does ask which smartphone brand is preferred. The brands to choose were Apple, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and Blackberry. Out of the participants, sixty-nine percent "favored Apple's overall smartphone appeal" compared to a little over twenty-seven percent who favored Samsung. The remaining percentage voted for either HTC, Motorola, or Blackberry. Consumers can check out the latest smartphone offerings for their favorite brand online, or at their local wireless retailers. For more gadget news and rumors "Like" this Smartphones & Tech Facebook Page. 。 wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories,ipad accessories

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