Thursday, July 5, 2012

iPhone 5 vs iPad Mini – the ultraportable dynamic duo

With the arrival of a new iPhone a given, and the much-rumoured iPad Mini again highly expected for the third year running, all the Android and Windows alternatives will be doing their utmost to tempt you away from new model iHeaven. When it comes to a new iPhone, and the possibility of a new iDevice in the form of a 7.85-inch iPad Mini, the public is certainly excited to see their unveiling. Whether it will be to sacrifice dollars at the Altar of the Apple Store and receive shiny new iGadgets in return from the Gods of Crunch, or to decry the iSheeple yet again following whatever new trends new iDevices help create in the world of ultraportable digital living, the people of Planet Earth are still going through an incredibly iFrenzy of desire and anticipation. After all, Samsung may well have launched its Galaxy SIII, but with an expected Jelly Bean 4.1 Android OS refresh now still to come, with presumably the same too for many of HTC’s One-series handsets, and a stack of Windows Phone 8 devices due to arrive in likely the same iPhone 5 timeframe, it’s the iPhone 5 that the people still want to know about. What will Apple do, how will the design change, will it sport a 4G/LTE chipset as expected and are the 4-inch screen size rumours true? NFC is surely a shoe-in, as will a RAM upgrade to 1GB, everyone’s expecting a quad-core processor will similarly cored-up graphics processor to super turbo boost iDevice gaming even further. Then there’s questions like whether a 128GB version be coming, whether the suggestions of a new, smaller 19-pin Dock Connector are true or not (for both the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini) and whether Apple will upgrade the iPhone 4S 8 megapixel sensor to a 10, 12 or similarly powerful megapixel and sensor upgrade for the highest quality photos and videos yet. Will map selections be downloadable for offline use in the final iOS 6 version, and if Siri learn to perform offline voice transcription as its Jelly Bean 4.1 competitor has done on the Android side of the fence?In addition, what other iPhone 5 feature exclusives will there be to clearly differentiate the iPhone 5 as the must-have new iDevice with super amazing stuff no other iDevice yet offers through third-party app clones of whatever feature it is? On the wouldn’t it be cool front, will Apple ever offer an official physical game buttons add-on, like a cooler, sleeker version of Nintendo’s Circle Pad Pro, to perfectly blend the old and the new ways of mobile gaming? And what about a stylus digitizer capability too, in addition to capacitive multitouch for future iDevices, Galaxy Note style, despite what Steve Jobs said at the original iPhone’s launch five years and six months ago on January 7, 2007 about the iPhone not needing a stylus? Then there’s the heavily rumoured new iPad Mini 2012, the one that was supposed to arrive in both 2010 and 2011, but instead cruised back at Sir Jonath Ive’s secret labs, waiting for the right timing, pricing, market strength and more before being unleashed unto the world in 2012 at last. Everyone’s waiting to be surprised to see this outcome occur, for a 7.85-inch iPad Mini with 1024x768 resolution would be a more portable iPad that could fit into larger pockets, would run all the existing iPad software, and would be closer in price to the US $199 starting price points for the Google Nexus 7-inch tablet and Amazon’s Kindle Fire. It doesn’t help Samsung’s cause of trying to sell 7.7-inch tablets while making a profit, nor does it really help the other Android making OEMs to do so, but it is being done to help turbo-boost Android tablet adoption, and many more full tablet-compatible or even tablet-specific apps in the Google Play Android tablet market. That said, if Apple brings out a Retina-enabled 7.85-inch iPad Mini, prices would be suitably higher for that model, but just as there’s an 8GB iPod Touch, there’s also talk of an upcoming 8GB iPad Mini to bring the starting price of any future iPad Mini even lower than that of 16Gb versions, at the expense of eventually needing earlier user interaction if the device fills up with too many apps or too much digital content on an 8GB device. Were Apple to create a cheaper, smaller 7.85-inch iPad Mini, Apple would be able to own the smartphone, mini tablet and full-size tablet markets for the rest of 2012, potentially cannibalising some iPhone 5 and new iPad sales while likely growing the entire iDevice pie even larger than expected, delivering ever more users to the burgeoning iOS user base. Then you’ll probably be wondering, especially if you’re an iDevice fan, as to whether you’ll end up getting both the iPhone 5 and the new 7.85-inch iPad Mini – to go along with your new iPad and MacBook Air or Pro, of course. Or you might have a range of different devices – perhaps an inexpensive iPad Mini will end up as your first iDevice so you can see what all the fuss is about without going on a long term phone contract or spending $499+ on the larger iPad, on a device that has a bigger screen than an iPod touch. The digerati would no doubt have a Google Nexus 7 and an iPad Mini, especially if the iPad Mini’s price is in between the Nexus 7 and the US $399 iPad 2 with 16GB. It also signals a new height in the golden era of tablets and smartphones, especially if the iPad Mini arrives this year as expected, for ubiquitous tablet computing at the most affordable levels for quality, powerful hardware and with operating systems and apps (at least on iOS) more polished than ever. If the iPad Mini arrives alongside the iPhone 5, it is sure to bask confidently alongside the new iPhone and generate massive sales while handily fending off the competitive 7-inch tablet threat that Google’s Nexus 7 is meant to ignite. So… with the expected arrival of an iPhone 5 in around October (despite scurrilous online rumours that have seemingly falsely suggested an August iPhone 5 surprise), and the re-ignition of iPad Mini expectations yet again, the legacy of that first now five-year old iPhone continues delivering ever growing success at levels beyond many people’s expectations. All that we wait for now, beyond more Martin Hajek-esque fake or real photos in super sharp or blurry focus, and beyond any further iPhone 5 and iPad Mini rumours and discoveries, is the actual launch date of the iDevices themselves. The true Macolyte, however, will be handily distracted by the imminent introduction of Mac OS X 10.7 Mountain Lion and further iOS 6 beta versions and unauthorised developer revelations. Let’s just hope that the new launches truly over deliver upon our always already high expectations and deliver two iDevices of true distinction, as Apple almost always does when "boom"... a great new redesign occurs and there's even an amazing "one more thing" for good measure. Only Tim Cook and his inner circle know the exact plans, of course, but delivering a spectacular new iPhone 5 and the highly anticipated 7.85-inch iPad Mini at the same time? Apple could certainly do it! 。 sex toy,sex gadget,adult toy

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