Monday, July 2, 2012

Pre iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 US release date: Apple and Samsung gained smartphone shares

Before the launch of the Galaxy S III (June) and iPhone (reportedly in October), Apple and Samsung post gain last quarter says comScore’s latest data. Meanwhile, Research in Motion loses mobile OS share amid delays of its BlackBerry 10 platform. Though Samsung had only launched Galaxy S3 phone recently, its smartphone lineup reportedly gained before the month of June according to data provided by comScore. Aside from adding a 0.1 per cent gain, Samsung also held its spot as the top mobile phone maker thanks to its Android lineup that attracts millions of customers. Meanwhile, the iPhone 5-less Apple gained the most with 1.5 per cent increase, says comScore with 15 per cent of the total mobile subscribers, lower than Samsung’s 25.7 per cent. Can the cheaper iPhone 4S and the new iPhone 5 (reportedly coming this fall) change these numbers? Also, Samsung said it will reach the 10 million Galaxy S3 sales mark before the end of this month. Adding the numbers from the new Android-based smartphone, it looks like the Korean tech giant will still see good news on next quarter’s quarter-per-quarter smartphone sales and market share reports. Samsung started selling the Galaxy S3 in United States last month with more carriers to offer this July like Verizon Wireless, AT&T and US Cellular. From winners, let’s go to the losing team. comScore writes that Research in Motion is losing the “most” smartphone operating market share, with a massive negative 2 per cent points change quarter-per-quarter, while Nokia’s Symbian operating system loses 0.4 per cent. Google and Apple gained the most with 0.8 per cent for Google and 1.7 per cent for Apple. In short, Apple is gaining market share despite the lack of a new smartphone, like, let’s say the iPhone 5. Research in Motion recently confirmed that BlackBerry 10 is delayed until 2013, and experts believe the company will lose more smartphone market share until the release of new devices that will run the new OS. Surprisingly, Microsoft’s Windows Phone also gained last quarter, a decent 0.1 per cent but still stuck with a single-digit market share despite all its efforts like the massive marketing campaign (ex: Smoked by Windows Phone) and its aggressive partnership with carriers and of course, Nokia. In short, Nokia is not giving the necessary market share needed by Microsoft. Can the Windows Phone 8 change the trend? 。 wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories,ipod accessories

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