Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Helps Break Profit Records For Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has taken the top spot as the leading smartphone of 2012 after just two months much like it’s predecessor the Galaxy S2 which was named the best mobile of 2011. The success of this model has helped Samsung to break sales and profit records in the early part of 2012. Samsung have made a huge $5.9 billion in profit in the first half of this year with the Galaxy range contributing up to 70% of those profits. Samsung are also known for their production of of televisions and electronic equipment which has also helped Samsung make a massive 79% year on year increase and the third quarter of 2012 is predicted to make see a further 36 per cent increase. The Samsung Galaxy S3is a major factor in the forecast for the 3rd quarter and is predicted to sell a massive 19 million units. One of the large factors to this success is the fact that the iPhone 5 has not yet been launched and therefore the Galaxy S3 doesn’t currently have any close competition. Apple are considering an earlier release date due to Samsung’s success, bringing forward the usual September release to this August. Without doubt the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S3 will slow down considerably when this happens but Samsungwill reap some of the rewards thanks to them providing components used in Apple screens and also the new processor that the iPhone 5 will use. The Samsung Galaxy S3 not only has great looks it also sports great technology which is why this model has become so popular. A brand new Exynox 4212 chipset which features a quad core A9 processor is included on the model along with an exceptional Mali 400MP graphics processing unit. These two components teamed together ensure that this handset is one of the fastest around and users will have an amazing user experience. The Galaxy S3 has an enhanced 4.8 inch screen making tasks such as internet browsing and mobile gaming more impressive and enjoyable. The large screen uses Super AMOLED screen technology giving the user amazing viewing angles and the clarity is outstanding. With all of these features along with the Samsung Galaxy S3′s variety of storage options, it’s 8 mega pixel camera and 1080P HD video capture it’s easy to see why it it currently at the top the smartphone tree. The new Galaxy S3 is a remarkable mobile phone and this is backed up by the impressive sales figures. With the iPhone 5 not yet released Samsung can enjoy their current market position and build upon their very successful first half of the year. 。 wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories

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