Sunday, July 8, 2012

iPhone 5 features: Apple to lose market share if release extended beyond Sept

Features of the forthcoming iPhone 5 are talk of the town. But there is near unanimity that Apple will lose market share if its release extended beyond Sept iPhone 5 is going to do away with dock connector as we used to see on all the iPhone variants since its launch. There were reports that the new Apple smartphone will come out with 19 pin dock connector instead of 30 pin dock connector that we all have. There are a whole lot of new and important changes set to take place in the small smartphone that we have right now. Apple’s iPhone 4S, the latest existing variant of iPhone is merely 3.5 inch in size. This seems rather very small compared to bright and big Android and Windows smartphone that have flooded the market in the last one year. And to be true, these smartphone are as smart or even smarter than Apple’s iPhone. Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S3, HTC One X and HTC One S and Motorola Atrix 2 besides many other smartphone from several other Chinese, Taiwanese and South Korean technology majors are flooding the market. Initially there were reports that people didn’t like bigger screen, or at least Apple fans wouldn’t like the big almost 5 inch screen. But that seems to be a false notion. Galaxy S3 and even a bit bigger Galaxy Note are being loved by nerds. The popular 5-inch Samsung Note phone, I believe, is the extreme in this regard. People love it or hate it, and most people love it. Apple fans who have switched to Galaxy Note are loving it despite its bigger size. Then there is another claim that Apple fans wouldn’t like leaving the iTunes due to the great collection of media contents and its easy availability. A report while talking about it says, “Users of the iPhone claim they have apps that are so good, they can’t even think of parting with the device. But it’s likely each of these apps also comes in an Android version that is often cheaper, if not completely free. While there are some very specialized iPhone apps — such as the one that comes with the Nissan Leaf, which monitors the battery remotely and can even start the car — these all eventually get ported to Google Inc.’s GOOG -1.67% Android by customer demand”. Market watchers are unanimous that if Cupertino based tech giant doesn’t release the next generation iPhone in the market earlier than October, as is being claimed, it should be prepared to lose its market share to Samsung. With the high anticipation from Apple’s next generation iPhone there are more and more rumors doing the round. A report from leading Apple blog 9to5Mac has come out with leaked Apple photos. Later it came up with more details about specifications of the phone. It has talked about several hardware improvements that Apple is purported to have made. 9to5Mac has revealed one more new detail about the next generation iPhone 5. It has come out with new revelation claiming that the new phone will come with ARM S5L8950X processor. Besides it Apple’s next generation smartphone is said to come with 4 inch screen, better, preferably 12 megapixel camera, NFC LTE capability, improved Siri and much more. 。 wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories,ipad accessories

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