Friday, July 6, 2012

iPhone 5, iPad Mini: New devices threat to Microsoft’s PC dominance?

Apple’s platforms on the verge of eliminating Microsoft’s software advantage. Ahead of the rumored iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, Cupertino’s operating systems reportedly stealing platform dominance from Redmond, numbers suggest. Apple is reportedly on the verge of stealing the platform dominance away from Microsoft, and the new numbers posted online might explain why Apple is protecting its tablet computer and smartphone market share so badly (ex: worldwide lawsuits). New analysis with numbers by Horace Dediu at Asymco, as reported byTelegraph, suggested that Microsoft’s platform advantage is in danger due to growing demand for smartphones and tablet computers and Dediu suggests that if the rate will continue — Apple sales (tablets, smartphones, Macs) and the whole Windows units sales will be even within the next year or two, and it will give Apple the advantage of enjoying its own BIG market share while other players share with its own Windows rivals. Dediu compares the ratio of Windows-powered personal computers to Macs sold last year which is the lowest since the launch of the Microsoft Windows 95 PC operating system, but after adding the iPhones and iPads sales, or devices running Apple’s iOS, the ratio of Windows units to iOS and Macintosh combined sales has dropped to less than two. In short, Dediu thinks that Apple is quickly catching up thanks to its stronger Post-PC lineup. Now you know why Microsoft will sell its own tablet computer this year, the Microsoft Surface apart from bringing the tablet PC and desktop and laptop computers into one unified ecosystem called Windows 8 which supports both keyboards and touch panels by adding the Metro user interface. But Apple is also not into lazy mode. In fact, analysts have suggested that Apple will launch cheaper devices amid rumors that the iPhone 5 is coming to stores in October. According to similar reports, Apple will introduce the iPad Mini which will include a smaller display and slightly older processor and touch display to lower the production cost and the retail price. Another company worth mentioning is Google. Microsoft’s Surface is also set to compete with the search giant’s new Nexus 7 tablet computer which sports a super competitive tag price of just $199.99. Google is also strong in the smartphone market thanks to its Android operating system which owns more than 50 per cent of the smartphone operating system market share vs Apple’s two-digit score around 20s per cent and Microsoft’s still in the single-digit territory. If Microsoft can sell “a lot” of Microsoft Surface, and also its PC partners, then the numbers can still change. 。 wholesale accessories,iphone accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories

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