Tuesday, July 10, 2012

iPhone 5 release date, Apple unstoppable? Nokia and Motorola sell high-end “in mid-range”

Additional reporting by Carlo Raphael Diokno. Apart from the new smartphone, Milunovich joining others, say that Apple will also launch a new TV set. iPhone 5 rumors suggest that the iPhone 5 will get a mid October release date. If accurate, a new Nexus phone, or a set of Nexus phones according toWall Street Journal, will arrive first and will go on sale through Google’s Play Store, a week or a month ahead of the iPhone 5. A very bold statement right? Well, one thing is for sure, Apple’s biggest smartphone rival is still Google and a few Android phone makers, Samsung is worth noting. Motorola and HTC can also compete with Apple this year despite steep slide in number of sales possibly by using the new Android Jelly Bean mobile operating system. Speaking of Apple, a new report quoting an IT Hardware analyst is suggesting that Apple is building a big empire that will not only invade the consumer market, but also the “enterprise as well.” According to UBS IT Hardware analyst Steve Milunovich, as reported by Barron’s, tech giant Apple is building an empire, and this year, the iPhone 5 will be unstoppable and “no one can leapfrog” the company because “none has the brand and scale the company possesses.” Apple building an empire? iPhone 5 release date unstoppable? Android Jelly Bean comes with new features like Google Now, the so-called Siri-killer, smoother UI thanks to Google’s “Project Butter,” and other improvements. Google is selling the unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus online for $349.00, undercutting the unlocked iPhone 4S of Apple. Yes, Lifehacker is spot on. The Nexus phone is the only solution if you hate the so-called Android fragmentation. Today, Google released its new Android Jelly Bean mobile operating system to HSPA+ version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the 2011 Android Nexus phone that the company launched last year alongside the Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Android’s Nexus branch is faster when it comes to update, months ahead of popular phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the HTC One X But if we’re going to compare the Atrix HD LTE to iPhone 4S or even the iPhone 5? AT&T is currently selling its iPhone 4S on the $200 level, but the company also offers cheaper iPhones like the 8GB iPhone sporting the same $99.99 price on contract. It is worth noting that the Atrix HD supports the faster Long Term Evolution network, while the iPhone 4 is running on AT&T’s “3G network.” According to Venture Beat, the new phone will steal customers away from the Lumia 900 because it “is half of what you’d expect it to cost.” Comparing an Android smartphone and a Windows Phone device is like comparing a city and a municipality, Android’s backyard filled with premium apps already while Windows Phone struggle with apps due to lackluster app development from top app makers. Compared to the iPhone 4S, the new Atrix is an inch bigger (diagonally) and sports a dual-core CPU too with 8-megapixel back-facing camera, Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system upgradeable to Jelly Bean “soon” and Motorola’s own SmartActions app that will help a user to maximise the battery life and access settings and features faster. Nokia Lumia 900 is facing a strong rival that will arrive mid-July with Android in tow. Meet the new Motorola Atrix HD LTE, the latest Android-based handset of Google’s Motorola Mobility. The device will sport the tag price of $99.99 only on 2-year contract agreement with AT&T, vying with Nokia Lumia 900′s aggressive $99 price point while undercutting the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 4S and their $199.99 pricing. Nokia vs Motorola in the AT&T LTE world, sell high-end phones in mid-range category, both target the iPhone. The smartphone market still one of the lucrative tech markets, but Apple will reach the top unopposed? Plus, Motorola unveils a new smartphone with an advanced version of Android, wants to kill-off the Nokia Lumia 900. Also, one IT analyst suggests that the iPhone 5, reportedly launching in October, has no killer and no company can “leapfrog” it. One analyst said Apple is building an empire, adding that “no competitor can leapfrog” the iPhone 5. Plus, Nokia and Motorola vie for mid-range category whilst selling high-end phones. Also, Android’s Nexus “league” update faster than other brands. 。 sex toy,sex gadget,adult toy

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