Tuesday, July 3, 2012

iPhone 5 release date brought forward to August

Apple’s iPhone 5 is said to be launching in August, following the massive success of Samsung’s Galaxy S3 handset The iPhone 5 could be launching in August, two months ahead of schedule, in an attempt to stifle the runaway success of Samsung’s Galaxy S3, according to sources from Asia. Earlier this week we reported on the possibility of a September launch for Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone. That is no longer the case, according to tech blog 247Emirates, which reports that Apple is keen to get the handset to market early so as to stifle the massive sales threat posed by Galaxy S3. Samsung is expected to sell around 10 million Galaxy S3 handsets before the end of July. With numbers like that it’s easy to see why Apple is growing wary of Samsung – and its affect on potential iPhone 5 adoption. As with most ‘iPhone 5 release date’ leaks there are no reputable sources credited. In the context of this yarn the original report came via Taiwan’s Central News Agency, which means the information presented here is not to be taken as gospel. Whilst the intelligence may be bogus – and not in a Bill and Ted way, either – it’s still an interesting take on current changes affecting the market. Samsung, particularly in the Android community, is the new Apple – it’s growing rapidly as a business, produces very sleek, desirable products, and it regularly posts sales figures that are the envy of its peers. This doesn’t make it true though. As we know, Apple is not a company that rushes things – be it launches, updates or product cycles. Just look at the history of the iPhone: it took almost four generations of the device before a decent camera and multitasking were added. Know Your Mobile, however, still can’t see Apple bringing the release date forward two whole months. The affect that it would have on the production process, given its complexity, would be disastrous. Put simply this is no more than wishful thinking, in our eyes – although we’d certainly like to see the new Apple device sooner rather than later. wholesale accessories,iphone accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories

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