Monday, July 2, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Eating Away at iPhone Market Share – Galaxy Nexus Banned in US

Ever since the Samsung Galaxy S3 release date for US customers was just a whisper on the grapevine, Apple has been doing anything and everything it can via US courts to hold-up and prevent key Samsung device sales in the world’s most lucrative markets. However, not even talk of an imminentiPhone 5 release date appears to be working in Apple’s favor, as the Cupertino company continues to see its precious market sharechipped away at across Europe and Australia. Despite a number of Samsung Galaxy S3 release date delays from the major US networks, global shipments of the flagship Android Smartphone have already rocketed past the 10 million mark. In fact, Samsung has seen demand reach such levels that even their own-built component supplies and inventories were unable to keep up. Across Western Europe and Australia, demand for the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been reported by networks and retailers as “unprecedented” which has in turn seen Samsung’s market sharecontinues its climb – much as was the case following the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S2. What’s more, Samsung’s growing share of the market when combined with that of Apple is leading to rivals the likes of Nokia and BlackBerry facing the very real possibility of an early grave. However, Apple’s courtroom attacks on its South Korean nemesis as unlikely to grind to a halt in the near future at least, as a court in California has upheld Apple’s request to halt sales of theSamsung Galaxy Nexus Smartphone – one of the company’s biggest and most important devices of recent years. Samsung has appealed against the ruling and confidently states that Apple is not able offer any evidence that the Galaxy Nexus in any way infringes upon its market share or worth. Neither company has agreed to comment on the latest round of courtroom battle, citing the infancy of the case. 。 sex toy,sex gadget,adult toy

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