Monday, June 4, 2012

iPhone 5 release date rumors and news: Apple iOS 6 iPhone features leaked

The iPhone 5 release date looms, but Apple enthusiasts continue to hunt down as much information about the well-loved iOS 6 gadget as they can. No one knows, other than Apple, what the 6th gen handset will be like, but leaked features suggest the new model will be somewhat different than earlier designs. If these new iPhone 5 rumors are true the latest model will have a kickstand, a laser keyboard, and 3D cameras. The new features would be certainly be eye-catching for many members of the Apple loving community. Apple is known for bringing cutting-edge technology and features to the market, which is likely why their fan base is so strong. Though some have jumped ship to Android smartphones, many iPhone lovers have remained loyal to the brand. One article from earlier today says the new iPhone 5 release date could be announced as early as this month, with high hopes on a sneak peek during the 2012 WWDC Apple keynote speech. Unfortunately, most analysts agree the hot new Apple gadget won't drop until later in the year, most likely in October. Either way, the new iPhone 5 will surely be a hit, whether these new features and spec rumors are true or not. iPhone lovers in Tampa can check out the latest Apple products at the Apple Store inside International Mall in Tampa. wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories,ipod accessories

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