Monday, June 4, 2012

Apple rumors: iPhone 5, iPad Mini due in September; iPad to get Siri in iOS 6

New Apple rumors suggest iPhone 5, iPad Mini will arrive in September; iPad will get Siri voice assistant in iOS 6. A new week, a new batch of Apple rumors. First up, Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White released a research note today indicating that he believes Apple will release the “iPhone 5,” as well as an “iPad Mini” in September, according to Forbes. Most reports have pegged the release of the next iPhone (whatever it will be called) at “September or October.” Last year, Apple released the iPhone 4S in mid-October. iPhone 5 talk Last week, iFixYouri and 9to5Mac published photos of what they claim to be the shell of an iPhone 5. The alleged iPhone 5 casing, while unconfirmed as much as any Apple rumors, corroborate rumors that Apple plans to up the screen size on the next iPhone from 3.5 inches, to around 4 inches. The Wall Street Journal and Reuters bothreported earlier this month that a 4-inch iPhone was on the way. And 9to5Mac’s Chuck Remington added to that, saying the new screen would be the same width as the iPhone 4/4S, but slightly taller, giving the next iPhone a 16:9 aspect ratio. iPad Mini chatter As for the iPad Mini, well, this is another one of those rumors that just won’t die. From what we can tell, most of the speculation surrounding an iPad Mini stem from analysts’ desire for Apple to make one — not because Apple actually has any such plans. In other words: Apple is definitely making a new iPhone; we just don’t know for sure what that device will look like. The iPad Mini on the other hand is nothing more than a rumor, one that doesn’t really make that much sense. That said, the most common details we hear about this mythical device is that it will sport a Retina display that measures about 7.85 inches — which, in our opinion, is just about the perfect size for a tablet. Some believe Apple would release such a device for as little as $250, but that seems to us unlikely. Siri + iPad = duh Finally, 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman reports that a “trusted source” has told him that the Siri voice-controlled virtual assistant will break out from the confines of the iPhone 4S and arrive on the iPad in iOS 6. It is not yet “known” whether Siri will only be available for the new, third-generation iPad, or for the iPad 2 as well. Either way, this one seems like a no-brainer. We would be shocked if Apple doesn’t expand Siri to other devices, especially the iPad. In addition to Siri on the iPad, iOS6 is expected to come with a number of new updates to Apple’s in-house apps, including a whole new Maps app that has a 3D map view. Apple is expected to unveil iOS 6 at its Worldwide Developers Conference, which kicks off in San Francisco next Monday. wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories

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