Friday, June 1, 2012

Samsung Galaxy SIII vs iPhone: how they stack up

Samsung Galaxy SIII more expensive than iPhone First Android phone to exceed iPhone pricing "Says a lot about the confidence of Samsung" THE Samsung Galaxy S3 has finally been released, taking the challenge up to its main rival - the iPhone 4S. So how do the two biggest smartphones on the Australian market stack up? Samsung's price point at release is higher than the iPhone 4s was last year, and has commanded some nine million pre-orders across the globe. Cameron Craig, the director of independent comparison outlet WhistleOut, said Samsung's pricing proves it will be Android’s market leader. "It says a lot about the confidence of Samsung and Australian mobile carriers have for the Galaxy S3 as a clear head-to-head competitor to the premium position and pricing of the iPhone 4S, which had previously been the most expensive phone in the country," he said. The Galaxy S3 is the only Android handset on the market to price itself above the iPhone 4s' launch price on plans of $0 upfront and $59 for 24 months on Telstra and Optus. Its launch price with Virgin and Vodafone also shades the iPhone 4s by $120. sex toys,sex gadgets

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